Meet Dave

Bass Pro Angler

I’m a Co-member of the Cincinnati, OH Bass Pro Shops Pro staff Fishing Team that involves tank demonstrations, seminars and participation in kid’s events.  I currently work as a Patient Concierge for Bethesda North Hospital.  History includes a 4-year veteran from the U.S. Army and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati.  My passion for the outdoors started when I was a kid.  I grew up in an outdoors family and been bow hunting for deer for the past 20 years.  I grew up going on family vacations to Minnesota every year since I was 5 for 2 weeks of camping and fishing.  I looked forward to that trip every year.  I honed my fishing skills since I was a kid by going crappie fishing with my parents and also wade fishing in a river behind my house.  My dream to fish professionally started when I was around 13 yrs. old.  After I graduated high school and went to the military, I ended up letting excuses to get in my way of pursuing my fishing career.In December of 2008, my life changed when I lost my mom in a car accident.  She was my biggest supporter growing up to chase my fishing dreams.  Since then, I got focused and determined to let no excuses get in the way.  My mom is my biggest motivation to never give up.  In 2009, I started pursuing my fishing career.  Every year since then, I continue to push harder and never stop learning and remind people that life is too short to not be following your passion. It’s about turning those dreams into reality and setting goals.