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Livingston LIVE – Keys to Ice Out Success

Livingston LIVE joins top anglers & guides across the North Country to discuss early season fishing tactics for Bass & Walleye!

Davenport Opens Ohio Season With Big Win

Dave M. Davenport played the wind to get the win during the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series, operated by American Bass Anglers, Ohio Division 20 opener, season held April 13, 2013, on Rocky Fork Lake.

Bassmaster Open Lake Erie

Hello Everyone, I want to give a summary of my Bassmaster Northern Opens tournament at Lake Erie.  I’ll run through my preparation, practice days, tournament days and post tournament lessons learned.  This was the one tournament that I was looking forward to all...

Taking My Fishing Career To New Heights!

With the help from Pro Angler Hub I am excited to take my career to new heights! I will be spending plenty of time traveling both on and off the water and can not wait to see what the tour schedule brings! Please follow my site for the complete tournament schedule!...

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